Friday, 20 January 2012

Submit to issue 5

The next issue of Doodlezine is all about sounds and music inner space and the places we go in our imaginations when we are listening to something. This could be the radio, someone talking in a lecture, a thunderstorm, a road drill, or the sound of rain against the window.

.the next issue will be exploring doodles in another dimension! 
doodles are made when we are in a receptive and 'unthinking' state of mind...we would like to see what you were listening to!

We have put some links to sounds on here if you want to use them... but anything audible will do! We would like you to describe or send us the sounds that helped create your doodle along with your drawing.
deadline 31st march 2012

 frog by doodlezinefive 
 thunder-storm by doodlezinefive 
 earlymorningrain by doodlezinefive 
 Thefactsoflifegoestoparis by doodlezinefive

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